Awesome Soccer / Football Goals and Plans You Can Make at Home

Awesome Soccer / Football Goals and Plans You Can Make at Home

As a football keen dad and looking to save a few dollars I scanned the web for some cheap and easy to make goals for my son.  Some of the designs I found looked OK, but they they just didn’t cut it for me in regards to emulating larger goals.  If Reubstar was to kick the ball in the top corner, I wanted it to go in and not bounce out as I could imagine with most designs out there.


This led me to make my own design which, is a scaled down version using official FIFA dimensions for goals.  It may not be perfect (although light, its not very portable – unless you have a ute / pick up) but it works pretty well at home.  All the parts are easily accessible from your local hardware shop and the goals can be made in any scale you can think of.  I really had a lot of fun designing and making these goals.  I hope you do too.

Tools:  Tape measure, hacksaw, pipe cement, permanent marker.

Materials:  PVC tubing (I used 2.5 inch pipe but you can use whatever size you want), T Joins, 3-Way Joins, and 90° Elbows



Mark out the lengths on your tubing and cut to size.  Feel free to alter the dimensions slightly to make full use of your tubing but I wanted to keep mine as close to FIFA standard scale as possible.

Cut lengths of pipe.
It is a good idea to file down the rough edges of your cuts for a polished finish.


The top corner joins are a bit fiddly but are necessary for this awesome design.  Take a look at the figure to see how they work.  Remember not to glue them in yet as they are not lined up as in the picture when assembled.  The T join is twisted horizontally to hold the top supporting bar.



Do a ‘dry’ fit without the bonding cement to line up al the tubes and attachments.


Please note that the back of the goals are meant to be slightly lower than the front.  Also if you can’t find the correct 3-way fitting at your local hardware store you may need to do a work around as I did.  This particular fitting has the top join the same size as the pipe we are using.  So all I did was cement in a smaller size pipe and then securely attach it with a bolt to the vertical pipe.  Please refer to the picture.




Use your marker to draw a line across all the joins to make sure everything lines up when you are gluing.  It will save you a lot of frustration and makes sure you wont have a wonky goal to aim at! 






Pull everything apart and now start gluing, making sure to have all the joints lined up with your marks.

An option you can try before this is to add sand to the bottom supports of the goals to give it some weight of it’s own.  I used some yellow brickie’s sand.  It makes the goal a lot more stable without the need to peg it down.



Use some cable ties to attach netting to you goal.  Luckily my father-in-law is a fisherman and I was able to use some old fishing net which works quite well.  Your local hardware store should have various types of netting if you’re not friendly with an old salty!


Plans will be posted soon.  I hope you have as much fun building these goals as I did.  ~:-)





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